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eticket system

As the fast development of the tourism, concert, sport, business exhibition, the traditional ticket only use as the admission ticket.
traditional ticket disadvantage
1counterfeited easily
2no advertisement promotion
3no second increments
4no effective visitor statistic management
5. no payment function
eticket system
ticket with IC/ID/RFID or barcode, The ticket is made of paper or plastic or disc,the IC/ID/RFID or barcode is a form of security authentication, to avoid counterfeiting, increase revenues and speed visitor pass entry. and system will have a statistic management at the same time. visitor can use IC/ID/RFID card ticket shopping on the tourism zone.

if the IC/ID/RFID card ticket made of disc,when the viitor bcak home,they can view disc on PC or DVD player. This media can hold all kinds of data(picture, video, sound,and advertisement) , and also can link with the website. it is good idea production.

e-ticket system style
disc ticket system (disc ticket with RFID,IC or barcode )
barcode ticket system
IC card ticket system
ID/RFID card ticket system
magnetic card ticket system
postcard ticket system

use in
tourism, scenery, concert, sport, football, basketball, baseball, golf ,Olympic, theater, ballet, art exhibition, scenery, museum, business exhibition, auto exhibition
e-ticket system advantages
anti-counterfeiting advanced Anti-counterfeiting technique. eliminate the huge lost by fake tickets
low cot the ticket and system equipment cost is low
speed speed visitor pass entry
advertisement increase ticket more advertisement opportunity
effective statistic management improve management efficiency, obtain ticket sales and vistor statistic information.
promotion promote tourism
booking provide ticket booking for the customer on anytime and anywhere
payment function  visitor can use ticket shopping on the tourism zone.
 the system including
1 ticket (cd/dvd, bar code or IC, rfid, postcard, advertisement, support),
2 systems control administrative center
3 network equipment
4 booking system
5 entrance guard examination receipt system
6 multimedia inquire system.
7 real-time video monitoring system
the electronic ticket management system function
System management
1.Ticket seller, finance, receptionists and administrator can set up ,delete, update ticket
Including registers module, systematic host module, booking operation module, statistical inquiry module, user password repair module, the off-line data uploading module, system parameter establishment module and so on.
3Ticket Examination
Provide ticket examination flow based on different entrants which including few types of models such as, normal ticket examination, the discount ticket examination, free ticket examination ,two times enters ticket examination, staff examination of the ticket module and so on.
4Data statistics inquiry
Provide all kind of statistic, inquire report which can be directly satisfy National Travel department, taxation department and its can be supports long-distance ticket selling via the internet, and the mean officer can be inquiry about ticket income situation for accurate minute, day, month, and year.
5multimedia inquiry system
Introduce the key scenery spot and route, food, accommodation, travel, shopping entertainment and so on. It can be increase the image of scenery spot, e-ticket cd/dvd additional value, and also can increase tourists well understanding and knowledge for scenery spot and equipments. Excavates tourists traveling, leisure, food, accommodation, shopping on second time.
ticket style:
disc eticket (disc ticket with RFID,IC or barcode )
barcode eticket
IC card eticket
ID/RFID card eticket
magnetic card eticket
postcard eticket
disc ticket  

barcode disc ticket

RFID disc ticket

paper ticket

RFID,IC,barcodepostcard ticket

?barcode ticket

paper ticket


barcode postcard ticket
card ticket

IC/RFID card ticket

magnetic ticket
craftwork ticket ticket make of craftwork
disc ticket advantage
additional value e-ticket disc is a substitute paper ticket, which increases ticket additional value
fresh Fresh appearance, new feeling, perfect impression
perfect promotion e-ticket disc content can adopt multimedia, video, music. This will promote the scenery effectively.
collection mini disc look exquisite, easy to carry and collection
advertisement advertisement in e-ticket disc,it will increases ticket advertisementit gain
internet link e-ticket disc can links to website in order for visitor get more information.
compatibility e-ticket disc can be play dvd player or PC
capacity contain 30MB-1400MB data, video
Anti-counterfeiting Unique execution, advanced Anti-counterfeiting technique(IC/Rfid or barcode)
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